Top Teacher Memes to Get You to Summer

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the home stretch. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and energy into another school year, and you’ve had some incredible moments.

quote meme about teaching

You’ve recognized the importance of small wins.

good day meme

And perhaps encountered a final straw or two that sent you over the edge.

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But brace yourselves, Teachers. Summer is coming.

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It’s ok to love your students, enjoy your job, and simultaneously look forward to a break. After all, there are very few jobs out there that require as much of your physical, mental, and emotional energy as teaching does.

cup with school supplies meme

So shake off the sarcastic remarks that will inevitably be flung your way.

Kid and Lady discussing summers off

Because over the summer, you get to look forward to things that “regular” people get to do all the time.

List of summer luxuries for a teacher on pink background

And you can laugh at the poor souls who still live by the alarm.

laughing at people who have to set an alarm

While the school year is winding down, remember to make some memories with your students along the way.

rainbow meme discussing students only being little once.

They may not remember the year the Revolutionary War began or how to analyze the development of a theme through The Scarlet Letter, but they will remember the time you made them laugh. Or the time you gave them grace. Or the countless times you built up their confidence when they struggled through a concept.

teacher meme

So as your batteries run low, speak truth to yourself.

dear teachers

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