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The best teachers won’t gatekeep their classroom hacks. They love to share the things that have positively changed the way they plan lessons, teach students, and manage behavior. 


We’ve rounded up some of our favorite social media hacks for teachers and want to share them with you!


Any time students are working without you directly leading them–whether independently, in partners, or in groups–displaying a timer is such a great way to keep them focused. There’s a big difference between hearing the words “You have 15 minutes” and actually seeing a visual of the time up on the board. This helps students learn to manage their time wisely; as the minutes pass, they will learn to work more quickly or that they have extra time to go back and check work.

Everyone can use a little organizational help now and then. Here are some great ideas to clear the clutter and open up more time in your day.

  • Are you a Type A teacher? Then you’ll love these easy ideas for keeping things in order in your classroom.
  • If you’re tired of typing out the same comments on your students’ online work, check out this tip about ProKeys, a Chrome extension that lets you create your own keyboard shortcuts for all kinds of things.
  • Make your classroom space count with these great organizational ideas. Your students will benefit from these particular ideas as well! 
  • Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference in a classroom. Check out the items this teacher can’t live without.
  • And finally, here’s a great tip on how to make grading more efficient and entertaining. (Ok, this one’s a joke. But we couldn’t resist.)

Here are some ideas that tap into your creative side, whether it’s an art project, adding color to content, or just thinking outside the box in classroom activities.

Movement + learning is a good thing, as research has taught us. So anytime you can fuse the two together, you will see an increase in student engagement and retention. Here’s a fun take on musical chairs. The example is for math, but it can be adapted to any content and be used for practice or review.

Student Tips

Student interactions make up the majority of your day. Make each moment count with some tips and ideas to foster positive behaviors and attitudes.

  • No more being tethered to your computer–this clicker allows you to move freely around the room while you give presentations, making redirection a simpler and even non-verbal event. There is power in proximity, and this device puts that in your hands.
  • If you ever feel overwhelmed by the line forming at your desk or the number of hands in the air waiting for your attention as you facilitate independent learning, this simple  waiting room system allows students to continue working as they wait for you, saving their arms from wearing out and eliminating wasted time standing in a line.
  • Sometimes students just don’t want to work. Maybe they’re tired, maybe they’re bored… or maybe they’re downright disobedient. Try some of these responses that help students feel empowered to pick up that pencil and get it done.
  • Each day, have a little fun with your students. Don’t be afraid to show your silly side. Your students will love it!

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