Top FREE Resources to Help You Survive EOY Madness

It’s hard to believe this school year is winding down. And we know that as you head towards that finish line, your neverending to-do list seems to grow exponentially. End-of-Year classroom inventory, parent conferences, student projects, classroom cleanout, grades on top of grades… It can make your head spin just thinking about it!


We’ve rounded up some helpful (and FREE!) resources, lesson plans, checklists, etc., to help you navigate this busy time of year. Check them out below!

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Now that testing is done, you can breathe a little. If you are looking for some fun EOY assignments for your students, check out the ideas below. Many of them are pretty self-directed for students, freeing your hands to help students with remediation, differentiation, or maybe even to help yourself by checking some items off your to-do list. These activities are engaging and fun, and some require movement, which is always a good thing this time of year. (And don’t get too hung up on the suggested grade levels - pretty much anything here can be tweaked to suit your classroom or at least give you some fun ideas to work into your lessons!)

At the end of the year, it is sometimes necessary (and often required) to host parent-teacher conferences. Even if you don’t have them, you can use some of these materials to give parents some helpful EOY feedback as you send their kiddos home for the summer.

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These can be time-consuming, but your students will absolutely love ending the school year with such positivity, encouragement, and fun memories with you and their peers.

  • Class Compliments (any grade) - Guaranteed to crack even the toughest nut in your classroom, this activity will provide students with tangible evidence that they are seen by their peers.
  • Student Certificates & Medals (any grade) - Your students will absolutely LOVE being recognized as individuals, and this may be their favorite activity in your classroom all year long.


And finally, here is a collection of checklists to help you get through all the things before you can waltz gleefully out of the building at the end of the year.


We hope these resources will help you survive this last leg of the journey with grace! You’ve got this!

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