Roundup: The Best of Teacher Social Media

Regardless of the fact that even the best of teacher social media can be a time-sucking black hole and a place where negativity flocks to justify itself and bullies hide behind keyboards, it actually has some brilliant bright spots.


Social media platforms allow like-minded people to connect and learn from one another. They give us windows into worlds we otherwise wouldn’t know about. They can expand our bubbles and allow us to hear the stories of people who are different from us. And if we take the time to listen, we can learn a great deal.


For teachers, social media has become a place where we can share our best practices and innovative teaching techniques. A place to commiserate the fact that nobody really gets it unless they’ve worked in a classroom. It’s a place where we can share stories that are funny because they’re true or because they’re sad. Because if we don’t laugh, we might scream. Or cry. Or all of the above.

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We’ve rounded up some of the best of the best of teacher social media from this fall. Check it out!


Classroom Ideas & Activities

  • All classrooms have them: the kiddos who finish early. It’s a challenge, but here’s a fantastic idea for what to do with those students
  • Struggling with negativity in the classroom? Students lacking intrinsic motivation? We love this idea that gives students the power to shape their day.
  • If you love the colorful season of autumn and want to get your kiddos outside, check out this creative repeating pattern activity
  • Do you have a calm-down area in your classroom, or perhaps might like to start one? This sparkly sensory wall would be a great addition or starting point. 
  • Are your kids competitive? Foster friendly competition while reviewing content with this marker game; it’s fun, competitive, and kinesthetic. 
  • Tired of review Jeopardy? This game based on The 1000 Pyramid engages a higher number of kids at a time. 
  • If your secondary students are glazing over, here’s a creative brain break activity to boost concentration. 
  • Why might you and your class take a drawing lesson together? This unconventional, out-of-the-box after test activity is brilliant!
  • Tired of contacting parents only for negative behaviors? Watch what happens when you take time to point out the good.


Need a Laugh?


Relatable Teacher Follows

Are you rocking it on social media? We’d love to witness your genius–drop your handle in the comments below!


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