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reduce risk of skin cancer by 50%As teachers, when we’re out at bus duty, recess duty, car line duty, and so on, we get more sun in the school day than we maybe realize. Yea, you’ve got a ball cap and sunglasses for field days, but did you know that dermatologists recommend you use an SPF of at least 30 every single day in order to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun? Regular daily use of an SPF can reduce your risk of skin cancer by up to 50%, along with helping to prevent signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin. 

Sooo, great. You need to be using an SPF every day. But, which one? There’s a million out there and trust me, they’re not all made equally! And if you grab your go-to body SPF that you apply every summer on your beach vacation and slather it on your face, it’ll be so thick and greasy. You’ll hate it and will never want to apply sunscreen to your face again. Enter facial sunscreen… Yes, sunscreen specifically for your face that won’t irritate your skin or make you look like you got lost on the way to the beach! You can find amazing formulas that sink into the skin, look good alone or under makeup, and don’t break the bank. 

*Pro Tip – In order to apply enough SPF for any of these options to offer protection, you need to use about 1/3 teaspoon, or two fingers worth. The best SPF is the one you will wear every day. But you also need to apply enough of it to provide that magical number of SPF.

two fingers to indicate how much sunscreen to use

My first recommendation is a brand called Missha. They have two amazing sunscreens, but I recommend them for different skin types. If you have drier skin, I’d go with the Missha All Around Safe Block Essence SPF 50. It’s a lotion-like consistency that provides hydration throughout the day. This retails for $15 for 2.37 oz. On the contrary, if you have more oily skin I recommend the Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish SPF 50. This one is more liquid but is a matte finish once it sinks in. ($)

My next brand of choice is Black Girl Sunscreen. They have a wonderful SPF 30 sunscreen that works on all skin tones. It dries clear, sinks into your skin, and works nicely under makeup. It is made with natural ingredients so you won’t have to worry about it breaking you out or irritating your skin. ($$)

sun protection for teachers bliss block star invisible daily sunscreenThe “do-it-all” formula option is the Paula’s Choice Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50. This is a sunscreen that has added skincare benefits to it! “This advanced formula goes further by including key antioxidants that research has shown skin needs to feel firmer and look younger and more even-toned.” It’s a lightweight, watery formula that sinks right in and would work for all skin types. ($$$)

Last, but certainly not least,  a tinted sunscreen option! This sunscreen will provide you with a tint to help even out your skin tone a tiny bit, while still providing protection. It’s the Bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen, SPF 30. It’s lightweight, helps to smooth out your skin, is good for all skin types, is non-irritating, and leaves no white cast on your skin. ($$)

sun protection for teachersTeachers have enough on our minds, we don’t need the added stress of not protecting our skin from cancer or signs of aging. Taking the extra minute in the morning to apply a facial sunscreen will add that peace of mind into your day knowing you’re taking care of yourself and your skin. 

Ultimately – Remember this: taking care of your body is part of making yourself a healthy person and a healthy teacher. Wear a hat, wear long sleeves, slather on the SPF, keep to the shady spots. Just take care of your skin… and the person underneath it! You are worth it.


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