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At Kids In Need Foundation, we have the honor to share stories of inspiration, perseverance, and joy through our #EveryTeacherEveryDay movement on our social media channels. But we want to hear more from you! Your voices deserve to be heard all year round. Whether you're at the top of your game or facing challenges in the classroom, we want to know how you keep pushing forward. Your stories have the power to inspire and connect others in education. We work on serving every teacher every day by getting those stories out there.


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Your words can make a difference. By sharing your story, you are serving every teacher every day, as well as helping us continue the conversation and create a supportive community for educators. If you know someone with an amazing story, encourage them to share it with us too.

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Get Inspired: Meet Two Trailblazing Teachers

For a little inspiration, check out the stories of two teachers who know what it's like to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their passion for teaching. Their passion is to ignite the love of learning in their students, and to help them reach their full potential. 

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 Middle school teacher in Norristown, PA


I am the daughter of two immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico, who did not have a chance to get a higher education. My father stopped attending school after 6th grade and my mother did not graduate from high school. However, they ensured that all three of their children attend college and pursue a career that allows us to thrive while being ourselves.

I have to say that what inspires me most is my parents' determination and ability to see positivity and possibility in everything despite the hardships they have faced, as well as their passion and bravery as they left their home country to build a better future.

It inspires me to be the same way with my son as well as to go into my classroom and help students feel that anything is possible regardless of where you come from, when you really put forth the effort needed to persevere.

It also inspires me to try to be the best possible support for my students so they can thrive in the middle school environment and our community. 

Elementary teacher in Vero Beach, FL


Several years ago I purchased a book to read with my then 10 year old daughter, which would change my view on teaching and learning forever. It was written by a young lady, Malala Yousafzai, about her experience as a child living in Pakistan. The heart-wrenching story mesmerized us as we read about Mr. Yousafzai’s school in which all students were welcome to attend, including girls. Malala’s account of her aspiration to be educated, despite Taliban oppression and violence, motivated me to continue on my path to continue my own studies and to realize my dream to teach. I became the first in my immediate family to graduate college at the age of 42. 

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This story reminded me just how blessed we are to live in a country where everyone has a right to an education. It also moved me to never take that right for granted. It is my hope, each day,to be able to translate that same reverence for education and the act of learning in my own classroom, and in our community. 

In order to nurture respect for learning and education, I encourage my students to reflect on the emotions and thoughts they experience as they navigate through new skills, content, and goals. Simply thinking about how we overcame a challenge provides the inspiration for the future. In turn, I am honored to encourage other teachers to reignite their sense of awe and respect of the right to be educated as they go about their daily practice of teaching. 

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