How To Help Those Impacted By Natural Disasters

school sign in rubbleWe were all saddened to see the devastation caused by recent natural disasters around the nation. In the face of catastrophe, it’s hard not to feel useless and powerless to help. But Every Teacher Every Day is about helping – in all forms. Here’s how teachers can support one another when the world turns sideways.

First, did you know that Kids In Need Foundation (our parent non-profit) has a Second Responder program? Once power is back on and some order has been restored, it’s difficult to return to “normal” if vital school supplies have been lost. Second Responder provides supplies to teachers and students who have been impacted by natural disasters. If you know of a teacher or school that would benefit from this program, feel free to direct them to this page. Someone will be in touch about how we can get books, notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and other crucial supplies into the hands of students and teachers who are desperate for a sense of normalcy.

how to help those impacted by natural disasters second responder

While teachers and students wait for “normal,” valuable days tick by where learning is delayed and even lost. Our partner Vooks has a solution. If you’ve been around ETED for a while, you know that Vooks has generously offered ALL teachers a free one-year subscription to their digital book platform. But if you know a teacher in one of the impacted areas (once they have access to the internet), they can use and share these books with their students until they can be back for in-person learning. Help us spread the word and get these books into the hands of teachers and students who could use something happy to keep them going.

how to help those impacted by natural disasters vooks

Finally, the lights are always on here at ETED, where we provide plenty of free resources, lesson plans in a pinch, and a smile when you need it. Our thoughts are with those who are rebuilding their lives after these disasters. Let us know how we can support you.

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