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Current Giveaways

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All registrants for Every Teacher, Every Day will thousands of prizes for deserving teachers. 

How To Qualify

Simply register here for Every Teacher, Every Day.


On occasion, Every Teacher Every Day (ETED) gets to give away fantastic prizes to our Fantastic teachers because we see the hard work you do year-round for your students and believe that you deserve to be recognized and appreciated. This is just one of our ways of saying THANK YOU!


Watch this space for our next giveaway, and register to become eligible! You only need to register once, and you'll be eligible for most future giveaways. On occasion, we'll run giveaways where we need you to opt-in, but we'll always make that clear beforehand!

P.S. Only ETED subscribers are eligible for giveaways, so stay in touch, mkay?


If you've unsubscribed, which you are free to do at any time - we aren't a cult, then you can go here to sign back up so you don't miss out on any awesome giveaways.

Previous Giveaways

Blue Sky Survey Giveaway - Nov 2021

Blue Sky Planners - Aug 2021

Dixon Prang Bus Giveaway - April 2020

Teacher Appreciation Week - April 2021

Kids In Need Foundation & Sparkle - Mar 2021

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