Getting Creative with Self-Care – Lesson Ideas & Discussion Starters for the Classroom

getting creative with self care pouring coca cola in a glassEven before a global pandemic drove stress levels to new heights, brands and marketers were looking for ways to help the average consumer chill out. From cars to cola, the trend is to design with relaxation in mind. Car companies are quieting the “dings” and “bings” a vehicle makes while crafting seats and finishes that envelop the driver in a “hug” when they enter the car. Drink-makers are offering beverages infused with supplements that are supposed to calm the nervous system. 


While not even the makers of these new “low stress” products are certain about their effectiveness, it’s an interesting idea to think about how to make our everyday items more soothing to the user.


We thought this might make an interesting jumping-off point for students in varying subjects and grade levels. Show them this article (try this shortened version to avoid the paywall) and talk about how they find ways for self-care or let them discuss the ethics of marketing something like “wellness.” Then let them get creative!

STEM – Consider what de-stressing features they would add to a car (no idea is too silly!) Then discuss some of the physics and engineering it might require to make those ideas a reality!


getting creative with self care relax over stressEconomics – Discuss marketing techniques of companies trying to hit the “mental wellness” market and ask your students what products they would like to see “de-stressed.” Have them develop imaginary products, conduct market research, and develop an advertising campaign for their product. The sky is the limit here: they can craft commercials or create board room presentations. 


ELA – Have students develop marketing copy for a product of their choosing. For writing practice, have them write a short paragraph from the perspective of a user of their product BEFORE it was modified for stress levels. Then, have them write another paragraph, imagining their user experiencing the new product. This allows them to practice description, comparison, and 2nd person writing.


Art/Drawing – Invent a new product with low-stress features and present your drawing to the class.


the toy company Lego to market their toys to adults as a form of relaxationThis soothing and wellness movement has inspired even the toy company Lego to market their toys to adults as a form of relaxation. Perhaps the key to de-escalating an intense day for you and your students is a few buckets of Lego in the classroom for focused building. (Call it architecture, call it engineering, call it STEM. But call it FUN, too!)


You can modify any of these suggestions for the grade level of your students. Younger kids are able to talk about what things make them feel less stressed, so the relatability of this concept can inspire lots of conversation and creativity. We can’t wait to hear how you use this in your classrooms! Let us know in the comments how it goes!

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