Finding the Fun in Grading

Throughout the year teachers know there’s always a forest’s worth of papers that need to be graded.


Looking for a way to make grading papers ‘fun’ – or at least more bearable? Here’s a pro tip gleaned from a university department chair:

finding fun in grading easter egg hunt

After certain times of the school year (midterms, finals, etc.), plan a (brief) gathering to celebrate crossing the finish line. Meet at a local restaurant or just gather in the teacher’s lounge for snacks and laughter. Take turns reading the scraps of paper and delighting in the silly and brilliant among them. Celebrate your students, the hilarious people that they are, and delight in the close of another year of grading.

Here are a few examples from various departments that might inspire your own search. Happy hunting!

science what is a muscle made of

history historical leaders

foreign language sentence correction


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