End Of Year Teacher Memes

End of Year Teacher Memes to Make You Laugh

Teachers: as the school year ends and you approach summer, your threads may be bare. Your supplies may be down to one last, half-dried-out EXPO and a nubby little pencil. You’re out of energy, and your students are out of attention.

happy summer vacation squirrel

But hang in there, rock stars. Allow us to take you on a funny-because-it’s-true journey through the end of the school year:

michael scott wondering if teachers will make it to the end of the school year

kevin hart helping teachers count down how many days of school are left

what if i told you it's not actually summer yet and we still have learning to do


number of pencils purchased this year: 758 number of pencils currently in classroom .35

mr. rogers on day 1 of teaching and tom hanks in castaway on may of teaching

appalled look for "when a student asks you for extra credit"

victorian lady claiming she has her students undivided attention at the end of the year... said no one ever

disgusted gif look "when someone asks if you submitted your grades yet"

two men slouched behind desks with words "teachers in may be like..."

tired teacher bingo

teachers singing 'Y'all gonna make me lose my mind up in here"

grimace face to "when someone says teachers are lucky to 'only' work 9 months each year"

And, at last, when you get to peel out of the parking lot on two wheels for the last time this school year:

leaving school on the last day like gangnam style with confetti

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  1. Ms. Vera Sagor on May 20, 2022 at 8:53 am

    So true and yet rewarding to see your students that excel to great heights.
    Then you know in your heart their journey will be an exciting and successful on through life.

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