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Thanks for your interest in collaborating with Every Teacher Every Day!  Let us know the following information and we’ll be in touch!

Collaborator Benefits

  • Exposure to a new educator/teacher audience through Every Teacher, Every Day channels.
  • Partnership with a national nonprofit serving under-resourced teachers and students nationwide.
  • 'Street cred' with a national, teacher-driven audience. Increased visibility of your work, insight, and experience, as well as regard for you as a thought leader. All levels of experience welcome!
  • Financial compensation to honor your time and effort, but we won't make you a millionaire (we're a nonprofit, after all!)

How It Works

Being a collaborator means you will work with the Every Teacher, Every Day (ETED) team to develop ideas and copy for the ETED blog. Additionally, blog posts will be promoted through ETED social media and emails channels, reaching a total estimated audience of 120,000+ and growing. Contributors can have their own approved author bio at the end of every post, telling a bit about yourself, as well as the opportunity to link to your social media and/or website

What We're Looking For

We are looking for content in the below categories that drive:

  • Moral support
  • Humor
  • Wellness
  • Relationship-building
  • Teacher hacks and tips

Are There Any Rules?

Content ideation will be collaborative with the ETED team. Contributors are agreeing that the content provided is original, meaning you can not just copy someone else. If you use parts of someone else’s content, quotes, or in some way use their ideas, give proper credit to them through hyperlinking and citation. Contributors also agree that content does not, on purpose, contain false information, break any privacy or copyright laws, or harm someone in any way. All content will be approved by the creative team at ETED.

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