Teaching Through the Pandemic – In Gelan’s Words

Gelan Giergues has been teaching through the pandemic in Arizona. She has a bachelor’s degree in Greek and Roman archaeology from Egypt and a master’s in education from GCU. She came to the United States ten years ago from Egypt. She has worked as an elementary teacher for six years. Her favorite subject is math.…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – A Day In the Life

pen lying next to hours in a daily planner

Continuing our Teaching Through the Pandemic series with Tatiana Grogan’s “Day in the Life…” 7:30 – I arrive at school. I get to the door and realize I left my mask in my car, so I put my coat over my nose and dash upstairs. I spend the next 15 minutes getting my classroom ready:…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – An Introduction

Editor’s Note – In the coming months, we’re going to feature your stories of teaching in the pandemic. We want to help the rest of the world understand your experience of the pandemic as teachers, we want you to feel the camaraderie from your community as they chime in with “me, too!” and, for those…

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