Teaching Through the Pandemic – The Writing Teacher

close up of notebook and fountain pen on wooden desk

Our final offering for the Teaching Through the Pandemic series. We hope you found something here to relate to, and we hope it helped encourage you to tell your own stories and experiences. It is in the recording that we find the meaning, the lesson, and the strength to walk forward in greater strength. Heart…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Low-Tech Private School

inkpot and quill with parchment paper

In March of 2020, I taught at a small, rigorous private classical school with low-tech capabilities. Our students were not set up on Clever or Edgenuity. There were no laptops or school-issued tablets. We didn’t even have a computer lab on campus. As we met with our principal just before the shutdown, we learned we…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic -Virtual Music Teacher

key labeled music on a computer keyboard

Continuing our Teaching Through the Pandemic series… In March 2020, America’s teachers realized exactly how big of a deal the pandemic would become,  the Friday before virtual learning started. It was hard. It was confusing. At the time, I lived alone and took advantage of online offerings galore. I found myself living for the daily…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Jenna’s Story

shards of broken pencil on a blue background

We’re letting teachers tell their stories about teaching through the pandemic. With every post, we are reminded of the great love and concern that each teacher displays for their students. These beautiful testimonies of struggle and passion for learning weave a marvelous tapestry for our nation’s children.  I teach special education to elementary students. Teaching…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – The School Counselor

Back view of two teddy bears in the lawn

School counselor Brittany Powe-Inge provides a raw depiction of her experience teaching through the pandemic.  I can still remember the day we were called into the Principal’s office. No one likes that feeling right? We were notified that we had a couple of days to prepare our students for Virtual Learning….It was scary and nerve-wracking.…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – MN Teacher on Strike

hand on keyboard

Ms. Alexis Mann joins us today to talk about her work teaching through the pandemic with at-risk students and her take on the teacher’s union strike in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Can you give us an idea of what teaching through the pandemic has looked like for you up to this point? I work at a federal…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Abigail Simms

pandemic on wooden letter tiles

So many emotions come with the topic of “Teaching through the pandemic.”   Frustration fills me when I realize that, two years later, we are still teaching through a pandemic.   Anxiety arises over the fact that, at any moment, we may have to pivot and adjust our learning model.   Discouragement creeps in with knowing that our…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – A Dance Teacher Perseveres

Woman dancing with two children in the sunset

Every story in our Teaching Through the Pandemic series knocks our socks off with your devotion to your students and your profession. Read on to see what we mean… Teaching Through the Pandemic: A Dance Teacher Perseveres When school began this year, the mantra was “back to normal.”  Could we have a performance on the…

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Keeping a Healthy Mindset In a World That Feels Out of Control

mindset spelled out in bright letters on a green background

If reading our Teaching Through the Pandemic series has taught us anything, it’s that 1. Teachers are amazing and 2. This is a hard, emotional job that can follow teachers home. So we asked one of our teachers to come back and tell us how to develop a healthy mindset – and how to model…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Donna’s Story

empty wooden desks in a classroom

Teaching through the Pandemic – Donna’s story Read more of our Teaching through the Pandemic stories here. Everything Changed Mississippi teachers scrambled to find ways to continue instruction even though they wouldn’t be seeing their students face to face for the rest of the school year. They would struggle to teach online via Zoom sessions…

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