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victorian lady claiming she has her students undivided attention at the end of the year... said no one ever

End Of Year Teacher Memes

June 12, 2023

End of Year Teacher Memes to Make You Laugh Teachers: as the school year ends and you approach summer, your threads may be bare. Your supplies may be down to one last, half-dried-out EXPO and a nubby little pencil. You’re out of energy, and your students are out of attention. But hang in there, rock…

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Writing Advice for Teachers and Students From a Professional Writer

March 23, 2022

Since we had a captive audience with professional writer and actor Kate Peterman, of Abbott Elementary, we asked her to include some extra thoughts for teachers who are shaping young writers.   Career Advice What was your path to writing? I went to school for theater and was really into acting. I definitely still love…

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What I Wish I Knew My First Year of Teaching

October 27, 2021

First-year teaching is the subject of memes, jokes, and horror stories among the educator workforce–and for good reason. It’s an experience unlike any other: a year of mountainous highs and cavernous lows, blinding reality checks, endless working hours, constant mental and physical exhaustion, and plenty of facepalm moments (I mean, er, learning experiences). It’s ultimately…

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Teacher Perks

Finding the Fun in Grading

June 22, 2021

Throughout the year teachers know there’s always a forest’s worth of papers that need to be graded.   Looking for a way to make grading papers ‘fun’ – or at least more bearable? Here’s a pro tip gleaned from a university department chair: After certain times of the school year (midterms, finals, etc.), plan a…

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How To Respond To An Angry Parent

March 23, 2021

How do you respond to an angry parent? You swipe across your phone’s email app one last time before bed and there it is: that disgruntled parent email (DPE) you could have waited a lifetime to see, or at least until after your morning coffee. Whether it’s a stream of consciousness rant or a carefully…

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