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Teacher Organization With Evernote

August 19, 2021

Teachers juggle so many bits and pieces of information. When I was teaching, my desk was a flurry of post-it notes reminding me of a student’s absence, make-up quiz grades, or to write a letter of recommendation for one of my seniors. Just as often as not, the notes stuck to the bottom of my…

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Where Do Teachers Find Free Stuff?

July 22, 2021

One of the top google searches for education is related to finding free resources for teachers.   This is hardly surprising. Teachers can spend up to 1 – 2 paychecks a year on supplies for their classrooms. That’s not what paychecks are for, generally speaking. We here at ETED are passionate about many things, but…

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Every Teacher, Every Day

Featured Resource: Lesson Plans Digger

June 29, 2021

Don’t miss this excellent collection of resources provided by a master teacher who has literally taught all over the world: Poland, Dominican Republic, Spain, and Germany! Gosia’s ELA lesson plans are practical and tried-and-true. She provides the worksheets or content, instructions for implementing, and observations after completing the lesson with her own students.   Some…

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