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woman writing on chalk board for top hacks on social media

Top Hacks on Social Media

March 27, 2023

The best teachers won’t gatekeep their classroom hacks. They love to share the things that have positively changed the way they plan lessons, teach students, and manage behavior.    We’ve rounded up some of our favorite social media hacks for teachers and want to share them with you!   Planning Hacks Any time students are…

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Teaching Tips from a Veteran Teacher

March 21, 2023

Reflections in my Rearview Mirror Sometimes I think back and wonder, what if I were a brand new teacher with all the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired from 25 years of teaching high school? What kind of teacher would I be? It would definitely be a smoother road, without so many wrong turns and construction…

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teacher passing paper to students for middle school teacher hacks

Three Middle School Teacher Hacks

March 14, 2023

If you teach middle school, your days are truly unique. You’re always on your toes because there’s no telling what’s going to happen next. They are fidgety, brutally honest creatures who sometimes lack self-control and like to show off in weird ways. Your students have needs that are vastly different from those in elementary or…

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woman writing on chalk board for top hacks on social media

Elementary Teacher Hacks

March 6, 2023

When you’re an elementary teacher, hacks are a must, because teaching elementary students is not for the faint of heart. Your students are at an age that (overall) requires tons of individual attention and care, meaning your days are often full of exhausting small-group sessions and difficult heart-to-heart conversations. In addition, they are still developing…

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Graphic of a mouse pointer clicking on button that says "FreeSources" for Three Templates to Help With Parent Communication

Three Templates to Help With Parent Communication

February 27, 2023

Working with parents can be intimidating for some teachers, but there are steps you can take to set the stage for positive interactions and ease your mind as you navigate your school year. As with any other relationship, clear communication is key. We’ve rounded up three templates from top-rated Teachers Pay Teachers for handling parent…

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close up of lavender flower for disconnect and reconnect with nature

Disconnect and Reconnect with Nature

February 21, 2023

If you’re looking to disconnect and reconnect with nature, you’re not alone. Technology has transformed the way we teach and learn, making our lives easier and more efficient in countless ways. But it’s important to remember that there are negative effects associated with too much screen time. Consequently, anxiety, depression, and decreased cognitive skills can…

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Teenage student holding piggy bank for why teaching personal finance is important

Why Teaching Personal Finance is Important

February 8, 2023

Debt is Bad! Over two years ago, I began teaching personal finance. Before that, I only taught your basic business classes: intro to business, entrepreneurship, management, and marketing. This was a new realm for me and I was excited to create lessons. In the span of the two years teaching the course, one thing is…

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heart on pink background with red and white confetti

Cheap Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

February 7, 2023

If you’re stuck on ideas for Valentine’s Day classroom activities, we’ve rounded up a list of fun (free or cheap) activities and lessons, broken down by subject area: English/Language Arts Affirming Adjectives – This activity can be done with any age group and can be crafted in multiple ways, one being to turn it into…

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Serving Every Teacher, Every Day

January 31, 2023

At Kids In Need Foundation, we’ve been honored to share stories of inspiration, perseverance, and joy through our #EveryTeacherEveryDay movement on our social media channels. But we want to hear more from you! Your voices deserve to be heard all year round. Whether you’re at the top of your game or facing challenges in the…

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Chalkboard detailing the outline of Teacher Supports 101

Teacher Supports 101

January 24, 2023

No matter where you are along your teacher journey, you’ll need help from time to time. Maybe you’re a brand-new teacher struggling with classroom organization or a seasoned veteran who is looking to revamp your classroom management style (I mean – the kids are different these days!). Teacher needs seem to never end, but if…

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