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Tax Tips for Teachers – Saving Money

April 6, 2022

Once you’re organized, teachers, you need some tax tips for categorizing your expenses to find the best deductions that will help you save money. Always check with your tax professional for how your state laws and individual situation might impact your savings. The recommendations below may not apply to every teacher. Tax Forms: W-2 vs.…

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Taxes for Teachers – Getting Organized

April 4, 2022

 Taxes for teachers can be complicated, especially if teachers are holding down more than one job (as many are).  Polina Mann shares her tips for getting organized and finding deductions (see part 2 on Thursday!).  Please note that Polina is a teacher, not an accountant, and her recommendations are made in the spirit of helping…

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Writing Advice for Teachers and Students From a Professional Writer

March 23, 2022

Since we had a captive audience with professional writer and actor Kate Peterman, of Abbott Elementary, we asked her to include some extra thoughts for teachers who are shaping young writers.   Career Advice What was your path to writing? I went to school for theater and was really into acting. I definitely still love…

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Free Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Here are a few resources you may find helpful as you talk to your kids about Ukraine and current events: Lesson Plans & Teaching Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine: Choices Program –A complete lesson plan with talking points, video, and links for additional reading about Ukraine. New York Times Lesson of the Day…

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Recommended Read Aloud Books by Grade

January 24, 2022

Reading aloud to your students is one of the best things you can do to improve literacy and foster a love of reading.    But maybe you’re stuck on what to read this year. Or you’re bored with your regular library and want to read something new to your students for your own entertainment. You…

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Budget Friendly Holiday Gifts To Give Your Students

November 23, 2021

As the holidays roll around, educators often want to get their students a small gift to show how much they love them. But since most are already tapped out financially this time of year and classroom money doesn’t typically cover such luxuries, what’s a teacher to do? Listen, you showing up for class every day…

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Featured Resource: Self-Care You Can Actually Do

November 2, 2021

I know that self-care is a word you don’t want to talk about right now. You’ve got 8000 papers to grade, 4 parent emails to answer graciously, a slew of lesson plans to create, and no planning periods with which to plan. I understand that I shouldn’t suggest bubble baths, chocolate, or long walks (nice…

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Books And Lessons to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) is the first cultural celebration that we encounter at the beginning of the year, and I like to be prepared to highlight this in the classroom. Here are some books that I have used in my music classroom that can also be used across other disciplines in…

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Teacher Organization With Evernote

August 19, 2021

Teachers juggle so many bits and pieces of information. When I was teaching, my desk was a flurry of post-it notes reminding me of a student’s absence, make-up quiz grades, or to write a letter of recommendation for one of my seniors. Just as often as not, the notes stuck to the bottom of my…

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Where Do Teachers Find Free Stuff?

July 22, 2021

One of the top google searches for education is related to finding free resources for teachers.   This is hardly surprising. Teachers can spend up to 1 – 2 paychecks a year on supplies for their classrooms. That’s not what paychecks are for, generally speaking. We here at ETED are passionate about many things, but…

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