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Woman dancing with two children in the sunset

Teaching Through the Pandemic – A Dance Teacher Perseveres

February 14, 2022

Every story in our Teaching Through the Pandemic series knocks our socks off with your devotion to your students and your profession. Read on to see what we mean… Teaching Through the Pandemic: A Dance Teacher Perseveres When school began this year, the mantra was “back to normal.”  Could we have a performance on the…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Donna’s Story

January 26, 2022

Teaching through the Pandemic – Donna’s story Read more of our Teaching through the Pandemic stories here. Everything Changed Mississippi teachers scrambled to find ways to continue instruction even though they wouldn’t be seeing their students face to face for the rest of the school year. They would struggle to teach online via Zoom sessions…

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The Benefits of Reading Aloud

January 17, 2022

My two boys don’t often talk about school without some prodding. They enjoy it well enough, but at ages 9 and 11, School has become just a routine part of life and is no longer the mystical, magical world it once was in the early years.    There are a few things they’ll bring up…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – A Chicago Teacher Shares Her Story

January 11, 2022

In light of our Teaching Through the Pandemic series, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the very current, very real Pandemic Teaching Moment that teachers in Chicago are facing. We thought it best to explore the issue with a veteran teacher who has been part of the Chicago school system for 15 years.…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – A Day In the Life

January 5, 2022

Continuing our Teaching Through the Pandemic series with Tatiana Grogan’s “Day in the Life…” 7:30 – I arrive at school. I get to the door and realize I left my mask in my car, so I put my coat over my nose and dash upstairs. I spend the next 15 minutes getting my classroom ready:…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – An Introduction

January 3, 2022

Editor’s Note – In the coming months, we’re going to feature your stories of teaching in the pandemic. We want to help the rest of the world understand your experience of the pandemic as teachers, we want you to feel the camaraderie from your community as they chime in with “me, too!” and, for those…

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definition of service

Service Projects in the Classroom

December 13, 2021

Dear Anne, When I was a 6th grader I met you inside the pages of your diary. Remember how you wanted to become an author? Even though your life was cut short before your 16th birthday, your book was published by your father. In the years since, your amazing words have touched millions including mine.…

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What the latest TikTok fads say about how Americans view teachers

November 15, 2021

Teachers, we know this analysis of the Tiktok fads is not news to you. We know you diagnosed this problem long before the rest of the nation picked its head up to notice. We’re writing this here for you to feel seen, for you to feel supported, and for you to share with administrators and…

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How To Find Free and Cheap Classroom Stuff

October 20, 2021

Need new things for your classroom? On a budget? Struggling to find cheap items for your room? Whether you want a pair of string lights for the reading corner or need books for your shelves, here are a few tips beyond hitting the local thrift store or eBay for classroom items: Buy Nothing Groups on…

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Classroom Frights: How To Carry On In the Classroom During A Pandemic

October 18, 2021

Just one month prior to the Great Covid Shutdown of March 2020, my homeroom class single-handedly shut down an entire grade–and subsequently the whole elementary school–with a super spreading flu. I’ve never in my 13 years of teaching seen something spread so quickly. Those kids dropped like flies. (And yes, it was “just” the flu.)…

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