End Of Year Teacher Memes

victorian lady claiming she has her students undivided attention at the end of the year... said no one ever

End of Year Teacher Memes to Make You Laugh Teachers: as the school year ends and you approach summer, your threads may be bare. Your supplies may be down to one last, half-dried-out EXPO and a nubby little pencil. You’re out of energy, and your students are out of attention. But hang in there, rock…

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Why Teachers Should Travel During Their Summer

As a teacher, your own mind, body, and soul are often set aside or even buried under taking care of everyone else’s. You are often told to “remember self-care,” and it’s easy to roll your eyes when it comes from people who just don’t get it. It’s not that easy for teachers to take time…

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Summer Jobs For Teachers

empty lifeguard seats overlooking an empty pool

Here at ETED, we believe wholeheartedly that teachers desperately need to decompress during the summer. Thus, we present the following suggestions for summer jobs for teachers with fear and trembling and a caveat: The Caveat After all, you magically squeezed an entire year’s worth of work into 9.5 calendar months. We know the job never…

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Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up quick – and it unofficially begins the summer season across the U.S. For many school districts, it’s literally the official first weekend of summer vacation! For other teachers, it’s one final long weekend to give a little boost into the last couple weeks of school.   But Memorial Day…

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Teaching Digital Citizenship

There’s no doubt we live in a highly digital world. Over the years, each generation has gained more and more digital tools and information at the click of a few buttons. It’s equal parts amazing and alarming, to be honest.   As teachers, you naturally adapt to the changing times, and teaching digital citizenship has…

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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

close up of lavender flower for disconnect and reconnect with nature

You may have read our recent post on the impact of nature on your own well-being.   Research has proven countless benefits to your physical and emotional health with even just a little time outdoors.   These same benefits can be enjoyed by your students as well. And moving outdoors can also have a positive…

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Teacher Appreciation Giveaway

Please note that the giveaway is open to U.S. residents who are teachers. One entry will give you access to all the giveaways for the week. The giveaway ends at midnight on May 12th, and the randomly selected recipients will be announced on May 15th.

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Top FREE Resources to Help You Survive EOY Madness

It’s hard to believe this school year is winding down. And we know that as you head towards that finish line, your neverending to-do list seems to grow exponentially. End-of-Year classroom inventory, parent conferences, student projects, classroom cleanout, grades on top of grades… It can make your head spin just thinking about it!   We’ve…

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Gaming in Education

Gamification has been a part of education for as long as I can remember. Even long before the days of projectors, smart boards, and school-issued student devices, we had spelling bees and the all-favorite index-card-covered blackboard Jeopardy.   In general, students love a little competition. Humans have a natural desire to win. And there are…

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Earth Day Books and Activities

Hand holding a globe in front of a mountain view

Lesson plans and books about Earth Day to get any grade level to celebrate the wonderful planet that we live on and discuss ways that we can keep it clean, healthy, and harmonious with all living beings.   Earth Day Books for Pre-K through 3rd grade Nibi’s Water Song by Sunshine Tenascoe  This is a…

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