End Of Year Teacher Memes

victorian lady claiming she has her students undivided attention at the end of the year... said no one ever

End of Year Teacher Memes to Make You Laugh Teachers: as the school year ends and you approach summer, your threads may be bare. Your supplies may be down to one last, half-dried-out EXPO and a nubby little pencil. You’re out of energy, and your students are out of attention. But hang in there, rock…

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How To End The School Year Well

young girl riding a sheep feels like managing a classroom in may

Summer is getting CLOSE, y’all. You’re in the midst of that unique tension between approaching elation and the added stress of end-of-year tasks. (Oh, and you’re still teaching, so there’s that.) While the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, it’s easy to succumb to exhaustion just thinking about all the things you…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Low-Tech Private School

inkpot and quill with parchment paper

In March of 2020, I taught at a small, rigorous private classical school with low-tech capabilities. Our students were not set up on Clever or Edgenuity. There were no laptops or school-issued tablets. We didn’t even have a computer lab on campus. As we met with our principal just before the shutdown, we learned we…

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What Teachers Wish Parents Knew

megaphone with daisies coming out against a blue sky

As my children come home from school with stories about what one teacher did or didn’t do, I’ve had to carefully consider how to filter what my child says with what I know to be true as a teacher. Here’s what I think your child’s teacher would want parents to know:   1. There are…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic -Virtual Music Teacher

key labeled music on a computer keyboard

Continuing our Teaching Through the Pandemic series… In March 2020, America’s teachers realized exactly how big of a deal the pandemic would become,  the Friday before virtual learning started. It was hard. It was confusing. At the time, I lived alone and took advantage of online offerings galore. I found myself living for the daily…

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How To Work as a Teaching Team

close up of 4 pastel-colored paper clips intertwined

My first year of teaching, I worked on a teaching team with the two other teachers who taught 8th-grade literature. They were extremely kind, and we got along fine. But I never asked for help. In fact, I thought the meetings were a waste of time because I had so many things to do.  As…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Jenna’s Story

shards of broken pencil on a blue background

We’re letting teachers tell their stories about teaching through the pandemic. With every post, we are reminded of the great love and concern that each teacher displays for their students. These beautiful testimonies of struggle and passion for learning weave a marvelous tapestry for our nation’s children.  I teach special education to elementary students. Teaching…

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Earth Day Books and Activities

Hand holding a globe in front of a mountain view

Lesson plans and books about Earth Day to get any grade level to celebrate the wonderful planet that we live on and discuss ways that we can keep it clean, healthy, and harmonious with all living beings.   Earth Day Books for Pre-K through 3rd grade Nibi’s Water Song by Sunshine Tenascoe  This is a…

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The Teacher As Parent Dilemma

close up of laptop next to a briefcase full of work things and children's toys

They say having a kid changes everything.  They are right.  Priorities change, perspectives change, and relationships change. Your core identity shifts in ways you could never imagine. Everything you thought you knew tilts on its axis, throwing you off-kilter as you navigate your new life in an unfamiliar role. As a teacher-parent, your career also…

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Free Activities for Secondary Science

close-up of two lab vials in nature

We’d like to introduce you to Caitlin. She’s offered to share some of her hands-on activities for secondary science with you all for FREE. Read on to find out more… I have been teaching middle school science since 2013. I spent several years working primarily in urban middle schools, teaching physical, life, and earth sciences.…

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