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Free Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Here are a few resources you may find helpful as you talk to your kids about Ukraine and current events: Lesson Plans & Teaching Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine: Choices Program –A complete lesson plan with talking points,…

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Tax Tips for Teachers – Saving Money

Once you’re organized, teachers, you need some tax tips for categorizing your expenses to find the best deductions that will help you save money. Always check with your tax professional for how your state laws and individual situation might impact…

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Taxes for Teachers – Getting Organized

 Taxes for teachers can be complicated, especially if teachers are holding down more than one job (as many are).  Polina Mann shares her tips for getting organized and finding deductions (see part 2 on Thursday!).  Please note that Polina is…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – The School Counselor

School counselor Brittany Powe-Inge provides a raw depiction of her experience teaching through the pandemic.  I can still remember the day we were called into the Principal’s office. No one likes that feeling right? We were notified that we had…

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6 Tips for Classroom Management With Grace

There are a million “red light/green light” charts on Pinterest, here are 6 tips to really tackle classroom management with love and grace. Spring fever is in the air; the weather is warming up, and your students can sense summer…

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