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Free Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Here are a few resources you may find helpful as you talk to your kids about Ukraine and current events: Lesson Plans & Teaching Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine: Choices Program –A complete lesson plan with talking points,…

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How To Find Free and Cheap Classroom Stuff

Need new things for your classroom? On a budget? Struggling to find cheap items for your room? Whether you want a pair of string lights for the reading corner or need books for your shelves, here are a few tips…

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Classroom Frights: How To Carry On In the Classroom During A Pandemic

Just one month prior to the Great Covid Shutdown of March 2020, my homeroom class single-handedly shut down an entire grade–and subsequently the whole elementary school–with a super spreading flu. I’ve never in my 13 years of teaching seen something…

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Lost My Voice Lesson Plans

Several years ago, seasonal allergies gave me acute laryngitis. I had a day full of games and activities planned that involved rotating stations and no voice with which to handle crowd control, so I had to get creative. I greeted…

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Tips For Teaching From A Cart

First time teaching on a cart this year? Lost your room and don’t know how you will manage? We’ve rounded up some tips to help you organize and prioritize what you need to be an effective teacher on the go:…

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