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Teaching Through the Pandemic – An Introduction

January 3, 2022

Editor’s Note – In the coming months, we’re going to feature your stories of teaching in the pandemic. We want to help the rest of the world understand your experience of the pandemic as teachers, we want you to feel…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – In Gelan’s Words

Gelan Giergues has a bachelor’s degree in Greek and Roman archaeology from Egypt and a master’s in education from GCU. She came to the United States ten years ago from Egypt. She has worked as an elementary teacher for six…

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kids reading multi-colored books in a row

The Benefits of Reading Aloud

My two boys don’t often talk about school without some prodding. They enjoy it well enough, but at ages 9 and 11, School has become just a routine part of life and is no longer the mystical, magical world it…

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drawings of students on a zoom call

Teaching Through the Pandemic – A Chicago Teacher Shares Her Story

In light of our Teaching Through the Pandemic series, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the very current, very real Pandemic Teaching Moment that teachers in Chicago are facing. We thought it best to explore the issue with…

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four hands holding puzzle pieces (blue) that will fit together

The What and How of Building Relationships With Other Teachers

We’ve talked about the Importance of Teacher Friends and how to Be a Good Teacher Bestie. Now let’s talk about how to start those relationships  – like, specifically – What do you say? Two years ago, I entered a new…

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