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Top FREE Resources to Help You Survive EOY Madness

May 3, 2023

It’s hard to believe this school year is winding down. And we know that as you head towards that finish line, your neverending to-do list seems to grow exponentially. End-of-Year classroom inventory, parent conferences, student projects, classroom cleanout, grades on…

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Summer Jobs For Teachers

Here at ETED, we believe wholeheartedly that teachers desperately need to decompress during the summer. Thus, we present the following suggestions for summer jobs for teachers with fear and trembling and a caveat: The Caveat After all, you magically squeezed…

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Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up quick – and it unofficially begins the summer season across the U.S. For many school districts, it’s literally the official first weekend of summer vacation! For other teachers, it’s one final long weekend to…

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Teaching Digital Citizenship

There’s no doubt we live in a highly digital world. Over the years, each generation has gained more and more digital tools and information at the click of a few buttons. It’s equal parts amazing and alarming, to be honest.…

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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

You may have read our recent post on the impact of nature on your own well-being.   Research has proven countless benefits to your physical and emotional health with even just a little time outdoors.   These same benefits can…

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