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free resources for understanding ukraine for teachers and kids on blue background with yellow heart

Free Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Here are a few resources you may find helpful as you talk to your kids about Ukraine and current events: Lesson Plans & Teaching Resources For Talking to Kids About Ukraine: Choices Program –A complete lesson plan with talking points,…

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End of school on a chalkboard with an apple core and spilled pens and pencils

Ending The School Year Strong

No matter how dreamy or difficult the school year has been, you are weary, worn down, and likely running out of patience. Ending the school year strong feels like a pipe dream. But don’t let the prospect of sleeping in…

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Summer Training for Teachers That is Actually Useful

What Pandemic Teaching Taught Us These last few years have been a wild ride. When the pandemic slammed everything shut, everyone had to learn a new way of life. Schools shut down, and teachers reinvented the wheel, teaching from behind…

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child's arm flying a paper airplane outside

STEM Activities for Outside Learning

It’s a great time to take advantage of the warm weather and allow it to inspire meaningful, learning experiences for students – and make some fun end-of-year memories as you go! STEM activities are perfect for focused learning because of…

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How To Get Helpful Feedback From Your Students

The last thing you need is another observation report, I know. But how valuable would feedback be if it came from the students in the room every day, not just once a quarter? Spending your last few minutes together garnering…

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