End Of Year Teacher Memes

victorian lady claiming she has her students undivided attention at the end of the year... said no one ever

End of Year Teacher Memes to Make You Laugh Teachers: as the school year ends and you approach summer, your threads may be bare. Your supplies may be down to one last, half-dried-out EXPO and a nubby little pencil. You’re out of energy, and your students are out of attention. But hang in there, rock…

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Summer Jobs For Teachers

empty lifeguard seats overlooking an empty pool

Here at ETED, we believe wholeheartedly that teachers desperately need to decompress during the summer. Thus, we present the following suggestions for summer jobs for teachers with fear and trembling and a caveat: The Caveat After all, you magically squeezed an entire year’s worth of work into 9.5 calendar months. We know the job never…

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Summer Learning Ideas To Send Home With Students

three children exploring nature with a magnifying glass

When I taught school, parents approached me at the end of every year, asking for summer learning ideas for their students to keep their skills sharp and avoid the perennial summer learning loss. I’d often direct them to some online resources or tell them to work through the unused pages of our workbooks from class. …

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Ending The School Year Strong

End of school on a chalkboard with an apple core and spilled pens and pencils

No matter how dreamy or difficult the school year has been, you are weary, worn down, and likely running out of patience. Ending the school year strong feels like a pipe dream. But don’t let the prospect of sleeping in and not dealing with daily discipline issues overshadow the last moments you have to create…

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Summer Training for Teachers That is Actually Useful

child reading in an inner tube in the pool

What Pandemic Teaching Taught Us These last few years have been a wild ride. When the pandemic slammed everything shut, everyone had to learn a new way of life. Schools shut down, and teachers reinvented the wheel, teaching from behind computers and spending countless hours trying to reach their students in new ways.  Over the…

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STEM Activities for Outside Learning

child's arm flying a paper airplane outside

It’s a great time to take advantage of the warm weather and allow it to inspire meaningful, learning experiences for students – and make some fun end-of-year memories as you go! STEM activities are perfect for focused learning because of their hands-on nature. Here’s a round-up of fun and simple STEM activities to try outside…

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How To Get Helpful Feedback From Your Students

pile of envelopes with pastel hearts to seal them

The last thing you need is another observation report, I know. But how valuable would feedback be if it came from the students in the room every day, not just once a quarter? Spending your last few minutes together garnering real, practical feedback from your students is a helpful tool that can make them feel…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – The Writing Teacher

close up of notebook and fountain pen on wooden desk

Our final offering for the Teaching Through the Pandemic series. We hope you found something here to relate to, and we hope it helped encourage you to tell your own stories and experiences. It is in the recording that we find the meaning, the lesson, and the strength to walk forward in greater strength. Heart…

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How To End The School Year Well

young girl riding a sheep feels like managing a classroom in may

Summer is getting CLOSE, y’all. You’re in the midst of that unique tension between approaching elation and the added stress of end-of-year tasks. (Oh, and you’re still teaching, so there’s that.) While the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, it’s easy to succumb to exhaustion just thinking about all the things you…

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Teaching Through the Pandemic – Low-Tech Private School

inkpot and quill with parchment paper

In March of 2020, I taught at a small, rigorous private classical school with low-tech capabilities. Our students were not set up on Clever or Edgenuity. There were no laptops or school-issued tablets. We didn’t even have a computer lab on campus. As we met with our principal just before the shutdown, we learned we…

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