To connect ALL teachers to a safe, supportive community where free resources are available for their classroom, their curriculum, and their personal development.

Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) is committed to providing essential resources to under-resourced students and teachers. To fulfill this mission, they have created a nationwide network of teachers who ensure consistent access to resources. Every Teacher, Every Day (ETED) is a platform for KINF and its partners to recognize and support all teachers, offering a vast array of resources at no cost.

We acknowledge the daily struggles faced by teachers in their vital role of educating future generations. Our aim is to provide additional support and resources to help ensure all students have equal access to quality learning experiences. Join us in our effort to empower teachers and improve education for all.

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“Every Teacher, Every Day” will connect teachers with a supportive community and opportunities to collaborate.

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We know that when teachers have the resources they need, both for themselves and for their classrooms, positive change happens.

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Every Teacher, Every Day will provide a positive platform where teachers can find inspiration for their profession, classroom, and students.

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Kids In Need Foundation (KINF), a nonprofit organization that believes every child in America deserves equal opportunity and access to a quality education, provides the support and tools needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn. By providing essential school supplies, distance learning resources, and other classroom items in high demand, KINF partners with teachers in underserved schools to ensure students are prepared to learn in the classroom. In 2020, through its programs and National Network of Resource Centers, comprised of more than 40 mission-driven organizations nationwide, KINF served an estimated 5 million students, 205,000 teachers, and provided over $70 million in product at no cost to schools or teachers. For more information, visit KINF.org, and join us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter: @KidsInNeed.